Lufthansa Christmas Special Edition

Lufthansa introduces a festive touch to the travel experience with its exclusive Christmas Amenity Kit Edition. This special offering is designed to enhance the holiday spirit for passengers across its First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy Class cabins.

Crafted in collaboration with Skysupply, the seasonal amenity kit reflects a distinctive Christmas theme. Embraced in Lufthansa's signature dark blue color, adorned with white decorative embroideries portraying a Christmas tree and snowflakes, each item, including pouches, eye mask, and slippers, is intricately designed with various-sized airplane icons.

In First Class, passengers receive an elevated experience with the addition of high-quality "Cumuli" slippers made of velour. These slippers, with stoppers for comfort and safety, symbolize the Latin term Cumulus, evoking the imagery of detached, dense clouds. The accompanying drawstring bag, themed for the holidays, completes the ensemble, inviting First Class guests to experience a touch of luxury both onboard and at home.

Business Class travelers enjoy an enhanced amenity kit, featuring a drawstring bag with a charming bell fringe and an eye mask. The dark blue bag is adorned with a Christmas tree and small stars/snowflakes, beautifully crafted from a delicate arrangement of small white planes, adding a festive touch to the onboard experience.

In Premium Economy, passengers receive a dark blue bag with an eye-catching snowflake and delicate embroideries resembling stars/snowflakes. The accompanying eye mask features a star/snowflake design, providing a festive touch to the contents of the year-round amenity kit.

The individual items within Lufthansa’s Special Edition for Christmas are of premium quality, ensuring their practical reuse at home, beyond the holiday season. The versatility of the bags extends to storage for Christmas decorations or other items, with the First Class bag serving as an ideal shoe bag. The eye mask and slippers seamlessly transition into beloved daily household items.

Lufthansa's Christmas Edition exudes sophistication, infusing warmth into the time-honored amenity kits. This thoughtful contribution to the holiday spirit adds a touch of luxury and comfort to the travel experience, resonating with the desires we all share during the festive season, whether at home or on the journey. The inclusion of "Seasonal Greetings" and "Frohe Weihnachten" notes on the cord reflects the airline's attention to detail and commitment to creating a memorable Christmas theme for its passengers.