Aurelius Augustinus

"The world is a book

and those who do not travel

read only one page."



SKYSUPPLY has been a service partner to the global airline industry for more than 20 years, specializing in concept, design, production and global distribution of high-quality inflight service products such as comfort items (amenity kits, overnight kits, sleeper suits, slippers, blankets),

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Our company flourishes through our strong, creative and passionate team from diverse backgrounds. Brought  together in a dynamic environment, cherishing our customers and committed to advocate your brand and product.

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Full Service is the key to success in today’s airline business.  And for that we do not accept any compromise. SKYSUPPLY prefers setting trends and standards rather than following them.

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Good taste is the art of understanding detail – the detail of high-quality interior accessories. Beautiful things which touch your very soul – attentive gifts for lasting delight and impression! Often it is only the small difference in quality, which distinguishes a useful object from a valuable gift.

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Another approach is to set up a co-branding partnership, linking  the airline customer to a well-known designer or brand. SKYSUPPLY offers and develops

an impressive and distinctive range of unequalled comfort solutions. Working

together with exclusive international brands, SKYSUPPLY  provides concepts in

which trendsetting designs and down-to-earth practically go hand-in-hand.

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As a strong partner to the biggest brands, SKYSUPPLY delivers leading arilines with top-quality in-flight products, that express the carriers’ high service standard.

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Our philosophy  is to work with a small, flexible group of highly specialized people to render the best possible services to our valued customers in the fields of:

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