Condor Introduces Sustainable Travel Organizer Collection for Business and Premium Economy Class Travelers

Condor's new travel organizer collection, comprising four unique collector items, draws inspiration from Germany's most popular holiday airline's new look: stripes. In addition to the five symbolic colors, Skysupply has introduced a fun yet sophisticated design. The consistent white and blue stripes design concept is applied to each of the four different-sized bags, each serving a different purpose for Business Class guests, while the corresponding versions for Premium Economy passengers is based on beige stripes.

The four travel organizer amenity kits include options for sports equipment and accessories, clothes collection for the laundry, beachwear wet textiles, and documents, passport, tickets, certificates. These eco-friendly bags are perfectly adapted to their intended use, providing a variety that will be appreciated by regular Business Class guests. Form and function are in sync, with coordinated style, and the bags fit seamlessly into the traveler’s suitcase. Each bag features a banderole with instructions on how to pack the travel organizers most space-savingly.

To enhance sustainability, the contents are provided in separate sleep kits made of fully recyclable cardboard. This allows every guest to decide whether they need the contents or not—a considerate and eco-conscious choice. Accepting the extra box provides guests with a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste, a lip balm, a moisturizing cream, a bamboo sleeping mask with the Condor logo, and a pair of socks made of recyclable polyester.

The beige Premium Economy kits contain a more streamlined selection of amenities, including a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste, a bamboo sleeping mask, and a pair of socks made of recyclable polyester.