Lufthansa's First Class 'Cosmetic Bag Kit' with Porsche Design Redefines Amenity Luxury

Quality, tradition, experience, know-how, and innovation—these values are attributed to products "Made in Germany," and they have long been associated with the German national carrier Lufthansa and the renowned German lifestyle brand Porsche Design. Both have consistently represented these qualities both nationally and internationally over the past decades. Skysupply, a trusted name in aviation amenity kits, has successfully secured Porsche Design as a premium co-branding partner for Lufthansa, resulting in a product concept that caters to both male and female travelers, known as the "Cosmetic Bag Kit."

The design concept of the "Cosmetic Bag Kit" matches the high expectations of First Class clients, offering refined luxury and smart functionality. Crafted from lightweight, sturdy, structured nylon with vegan leather details, the pouch aligns seamlessly with other exclusive Porsche Design travel items. Its versatile style and premium quality make it suitable for use as a standalone piece or in combination with other luggage—a chic accessory even for an evening out. The iconic Porsche Design logo is subtly embellished on the pouch's front, while the Lufthansa logo graces the sleeping mask.

The content of the "Cosmetic Bag Kit" is thoughtfully curated for travelers who appreciate appealing packaging for top-quality products and prioritize sustainability. Both versions of the kit feature a bamboo toothbrush with a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably grown bamboo, packaged in eco-friendly materials. Alongside this, the kits include three small creams from the Swiss luxury cosmetic brand La Prairie: moisturizing lip balm, luxe eye cream, and luxe cream sheer. Careful consideration has been given to sustainability standards, ensuring that the contents meet and exceed post-use eco-friendly requirements.

In summary, the "Cosmetic Bag Kit" by Lufthansa and Porsche Design combines sophistication, functionality, and sustainability to offer a versatile and elegant travel companion that appeals to both male and female travelers.