Skysupply's Fun and Eco-Friendly Baby Kit Transforms Travel with TAP for Families

Traveling with a baby requires special attention to the needs of both the parent and the infant. Skysupply’s “Baby Bag Amenity Kit” for the Portuguese national carrier, TAP, is a helpful travel companion and a fun asset to keep the baby entertained.

The goal when creating the amenity kit was to keep it light and handy, provide small travel items that, from experience, make a big difference, and implement a playful design.

The amenity kit is shaped in an envelope form. It easily opens with a push button using only one hand. The clear bag is made of eco-friendly, degradable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) known for qualities such as elasticity, transparency, and resistance to, for example, oil, abrasion, and grease – all useful features for air travel. The kit is easy to clean and thus meant to be reused, both on board and on the ground.

In terms of style, the design language is simple yet fun, depicting sketches of a landscape and TAP’s mascot, a cute plane drawing. On the reverse side, the TAP Air Portugal logo is imprinted.

The baby bag contains four items: a small spoon, a soft TAP toy plane for the newborn to cuddle, a washable bib that depicts sketches of landscapes, sites, and sceneries, and a pacifier chain. The chain can be securely hooked to textiles or, for example, the plane seat and is made of recyclable material with travel-themed sketches. One of TAP’s corporate identity colors, a bright neon-green, is used in several elements of the bag.