Lufthansa and Porsche Design team up for Business Class Kit

Skysupply creates new Cooler Bag amenity kit for Business Class passengers

In partnership with Porsche Design, Lufthansa introduces a new, creative approach to the form and function of amenity kits: the Cooler Bag, a pouch that cools beverages and snacks and stores everyday objects is now distributed in the airline’s Business Class.

Skysupply brought together Lufthansa and Porsche Design, two reputable German companies, to develop a new amenity kit. The airline and the lifestyle brand represent the “Made in Germany” trademark with quality, experience, know-how, innovation, and a sophisticated style. These characteristics were incorporated in the exclusive Cooler Bag. The outside material of the Cooler Bag is a black polyurethane (PU) fabric which gives the amenity kit an elegant appearance. The pouch itself stands upright and can be opened with a zipper that everts the fabric and opens the pouch up on one side. Its height is approximately the size of a small water bottle or can. The inside is covered by a silver foil which cools the contents such as beverages and snacks. The cooling effect and lightweight yet durable material make the bag an ideal companion for a day at the beach as well.

Because of the sustainable approach used to create a multifunctional product, the amenity kit offers several after use options. It doesn’t only serve as a cooler bag for food and drinks, it also holds other accessories such as toiletries, brushes, pens, cables, and is even a perfect pouch for high end cosmetics which needs to be stored in a cool, lightproof location to preserve the freshness of its ingredients. The Cooler Bag comes with an eco-friendly toothbrush made by The Humble Co., which has a handle made of 100% biodegradable, sustainably grown bamboo and toothpaste. It also contains exclusive L’Occitane skincare products which adds to the Business Class passenger’s refreshed and rejuvenated feeling upon arrival in the destination. In order to reduce waste, earplugs and eye masks are available in the on board Business Class washroom instead of adding them automatically to the pouch – they can be taken as needed.