TAP Air Portugal is launching its new Business Class amenity kits. For the concept of the pouches – which are available in four assorted colors – Skysupply teamed up with the iconic Portuguese brand Benamôr. As a true representative of “Portugality”, the traditional company was the perfect co-branding partner for the national carrier’s pouches. Both from a design aspect, and a value level.

TAP’s brand message is “Genuinely Portuguese” which encompasses several fundamental aspects such as tradition, sustainability, exclusivity, a welcoming culture, innovation made in Portugal, and, of course, “Portugality”, which means living the Portuguese lifestyle. All of this should not only be a visual and haptic experience, but should also develop into a feeling, during and after the flight, when the trip becomes a memory. By choosing a brand partnership with Benamôr, a unique beauty and Portugal’s first cosmetics label that is combining tradition with modernity, TAP communicates: TAP and Benamôr represent the same values, quality standards, and visions – for almost 80 and 100 years, respectively.

By creating an authentic amenity kit for TAP, Portugal will be served in a nutshell to the guests on board, activating memories and senses. A pouch and its content will be representative of an entire world of positive experiences in the destination. As an equal co-branding partner, Benamôr’s design was strongly incorporated into the process. The pouches are available in four different colors, which represent iconic symbols of Portugal and Benamôr: Laranjinha (orange from Europe) in orange, Nata (traditional Portuguese pastry) in yellow, Gordíssimo (African butter tree pays tribute to Portugal’s Age of Discoveries) in blue, and Alecrim (rosemary, most beloved aromatic herb) in mint. The pouches have a beautiful logo with both companies name on it and the content is a useful selection of items such as earplugs, a toothbrush and a toothpaste, a small Benamôr branded hand lotion, socks, and an eye mask. Benamôr’s design is also picked up in the eye mask flower patterns that match the amenity kit style. In addition, the color scheme is used for the sock’s toe. Since Skysupply strives to integrate sustainable practices as much as possible, the amenity kits are made of recycled plastic bottles and other PET waste (rPET). While bamboo was used for the toothbrush, the packaging of the toothpaste and the earplugs are made of paper.

The amenity kit is not only a material object and a gift, but rather the feeling of “Portugality” and a symbol of a personal experience– practical and with local references on-board and filled with memories when used afterwards at home or in future travels.