Lufthansa celebrates the holidays with Christmas amenity kit edition

Around the Christmas time, Lufthansa adds an extra touch of holiday feelings to its onboard experience: With its Special Edition of elegant and creative amenity kits for Christmas, the German carrier brings the festive season to three of its classes.

Skysupply and Lufthansa created a unique Christmas feature onboard: In First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy Class, passengers receive a seasonal amenity kit that was specifically designed for flights during the holidays. All items, the actual pouches as well as the eye mask and the slippers are manufactured in Lufthansa’s signature color dark blue with white decorative embroideries which depict a Christmas tree and snowflakes – big and small ones – made of various sized airplane icons.

In First Class, in addition to the regular high quality amenity kit (which includes a toothbrush set and two pieces of L’Occitane cosmetics), passengers receive a pair of dark blue slippers along with the holiday themed drawstring bag. The high-quality “Cumuli” slippers are made of velour and their sole is equipped with stoppers for a soft yet firm and safe wearing comfort onboard and at home. “Cumuli” refers to the Latin term Cumulus, that describes detached, dense clouds and is immediately associated with a soft, fluffy appearance. First Class guests are invited to walk on air – on board as well as at home. The slippers are held together by a banderole which says: “Cumuli – Welcome above the clouds”.

In Business Class, in addition to the known year-round high-quality insides of the known amenity kit (toothbrush and a toothpaste as well as two L’Occitane cosmetic items), passengers receive a drawstring bag which features a little bell at the fringe as well as an eye mask. The bag is dark blue and its décor is a Christmas tree and some small stars/snowflakes whose looks are also created through a delicate arrangement of small white planes. The dark blue eye mask features a larger snowflake – similar to the one on the Premium Economy’s amenity kit – and a couple of smaller stars/snowflakes in white as well.

In Premium Economy, guests receive a dark blue bag which features one eye-catching snowflake and several smaller embroideries looking like stars/snowflakes at first sight. Once the guests take a closer look, they will realize that the pattern is created through a delicate arrangement of small white planes. In addition, passengers receive a dark blue eye mask with a star/snowflake design and the contents of the year-round amenity kit (toothbrush and toothpaste as well as two L’Occitane cosmetic items).

All individual items of Lufthansa’s Special Edition for Christmas are of high quality which makes them reusable at home – irrespective of their use during the festive season or before and after. The bags can be used to store Christmas decorations or other items. The First Class bag also works perfectly as a shoe bag. The eye mask and slippers are beloved daily household items.

With the Christmas edition’s color and pattern concept, Lufthansa was able to add a sophisticated, warm touch to time-tested amenity kits and contribute to the special spirit that all of us hope to be surrounded by during the holiday season, even or especially when traveling. The “Seasonal Greetings” and “Frohe Weihnachten” note on the cord is another small and simple, but thoughtful detail of the amenity kits Christmas theme.