Finnair’s Premium Economy Class kits feature Marimekko designs

In September 2023, Finnair introduced new amenity kits in their Premium Economy Class. Deeply rooted in a long-term partnership, Finnair and Marimekko teamed up once again to provide passengers with an innovative on board experience. The new pouches are made of sustainable kraft paper and follow the general thought of minimalism including waste prevention.

Skysupply developed a minimalistic approach for Finnair’s new amenity kits distributed in the national carrier’s Premium Economy Class: Their creative concept incorporates two rather simple yet bold Marimekko prints in dark blue on ecofriendly kraft paper and a simple yet functional choice of items to reduce the amount of waste. The items are: a dark blue eye mask made of recycled fabric, earplugs and a plant-based toothbrush made from 100% biodegradable bamboo with natural toothpaste produced by the Swedish based company The Humble Co.. Both, the earplugs and the toothbrush including the toothpaste are packed in paper. The kraft paper that the Marimekko design is printed on has been used in the fashion industry as an alternative material and is now making its way into other possible uses and businesses. Kraft paper is a natural, biodegradable and recyclable eco-material. It is tear-resistant and washable which makes it durable and ideal for continuous usage, especially when the bag is exposed to various environments and forms of transportation.

The amenity kit itself can be reused after the flight. The pouch holds small items such as travel size cosmetic products, jewelry or stationary such as pens. The Marimekko design is timeless, the lifestyle company itself is based in Finland and renowned for its original prints and colors since its founding in 1951. The partnership between Finnair and Marimekko is a perfect match – not only because of the local reference, but also because of both brands’ strong and unique identity and their high-quality product.