Lufthansa's First Class Liquid Bag Kits in colaboration with Porsche Design

Skysupply has partnered with Porsche Design to co-brand Lufthansa’s “Liquid Bag Kit,” creating a versatile, stylish, and eco-friendly product designed for both travel and everyday use. This innovative kit offers distinct versions tailored to the needs of male and female travelers, providing practicality and sustainability with a touch of elegance.

Designed for travelers, each version of the "Liquid Bag Kit" serves as a convenient and stylish travel companion, especially well-suited for air travel and security checks. The clear bag, featuring either geometric or organically formed shapes, is accented by a black zipper, scratch-resistant, and waterproof surface, ensuring long-term use. Discreet black Porsche Design lettering adds an elegant touch to the clear pouch. Approved for security checks, these kits transform into compact cosmetic bags after the journey, efficiently storing items such as shaving creams, razors, glasses, make-up, perfume, and medicine.

The contents are thoughtfully curated for travelers and emphasize sustainability. Each kit includes a bamboo toothbrush packaged in an eco-friendly box and two small tubes of premium skincare from Augustinus Bader. The sleeping mask, a true eye-catcher, features an imprint of the iconic Porsche design—a pair of blue-shaded aviator glasses, adding a creative and playful element to the kit.

In summary, Lufthansa and Porsche Design's "Liquid Bag Kit" offers versatile, eco-conscious solutions for travelers, combining practicality, durability, and style for every journey, with distinct versions catering to both male and female travelers.