Skysupply reveals new corporate identity

Skysupply has unveiled a new corporate identity. It encompasses a new logo and website, a fresh design for the company’s trade show booth and a refresh of advertising and collateral material.

Based in Munich, Germany, the company is among the leading global suppliers of inflight equipment. Skysupply’s philosophy is to transform travel with its exceptional amenities into an unforgettable journey – onboard and afterwards. In the same way that travel experiences have changed and continue to be refined, the company is striving to set new standards. Not only for its clients, partners and their products but also for the company itself.

With the new corporate identity, Skysupply introduces a minimalistic yet sophisticated brand image which is applied to its visuals, tone of voice and portfolio.

The company logo has been changed to just the Skysupply name plus a simple geometric depiction of a bird with a dynamic movement towards the sky and the future using four colors.


The newly launched corporate website is based on an aesthetic presentation of Skysupply’s products, their design and co-branding expertise and the company’s commitment to the future by focusing on sustainable and innovative solutions.

The concept is supported and conveyed by a series of select hashtags, such as #renew, #reduce, #reuse, #recycle, #reimagine and #respect.

The hashtags are present within the company and serve as guiding stars when working on customer projects and defining the foundations of Skysupply’s future strategy. Therefore, all advertising and collateral material is aligned with their future-oriented guidelines.


In this context, the design of the trade show booth has also been refreshed. The minimalist style picks up the clear, transparent corporate language and emphasises Skysupply’s environmental awareness and aspiration to deal responsibly with natural resources and to act in a sustainable manner. Not using a carpet that would be thrown away after the show is one of many actions to put the company’s philosophy into practice.

For more than 25 years, Skysupply has been working with many of the leading airlines around the globe. The company has continuously developed and executed creative and innovative concepts for national and international clients, both with and without esteemed co-branding partners.

For their tailor-made solutions, Skysupply has received industry awards including Trendsetter of the Year at the 2023 Onboard Hospitality Awards.