TAP's Children's Amenity Kit Sparks Young Imagination and Creativity on Journeys

Traveling with children requires special attention to their needs. Skysupply’s “Children’s Amenity Kit” for the Portuguese national carrier, TAP, is a useful and fun backpack that keeps kids entertained, whether they are traveling with an adult or other children. The backpack is designed to be used even after the trip, telling a story of unforgettable journeys and adventures in faraway places.

For children over the age of six, Skysupply and TAP have created an amenity kit that serves multiple purposes. It's a useful bag during and after the flight, containing an entertaining and playful selection of games and travel equipment. Additionally, it subtly aligns with TAP’s corporate colors of green, red, and white, introducing young travelers to their parents' airline choice.

The front of the backpack displays a world map by continents, continuing the travel theme and visualization on other items in the bag. The TAP Air Portugal logo is imprinted on the lower right-hand side. The kit includes six pieces of content: a sleeping mask and socks for a comfortable trip, a tic-tac-toe game, a box of colored pencils, a paper roll with various games to be colored or filled in, an educational card game, and a “passport” that can be filled out by the child and the crew. All items, except for the tic-tac-toe game, are branded with the world map, inspiring children to entertain themselves without digital devices.