Icelandair launches new business class Amenity Kits, a Fusion of Art and Nature

Art and nature converge in Icelandair's Business Class with the introduction of a new amenity kit created in partnership with artist Sara Riel. Icelandair collaborated with Skysupply to design and develop two distinct concepts for their Business Class amenity kits. These kits showcase Sara Riel’s captivating work, featuring the pattern of her mural and vegetation map, 'Flóran,' as integral elements in both design and contents.

'Flóran / The Flora'(2019), a large-scale mural in Reykjavík depicting native Icelandic plants and herbs, became the inspiration for the bag's design, banderole, sleeping mask, and packaging of the earplugs and toothbrush/toothpaste set. The colors were adapted to Icelandair's blue-dominated color code. The amenity kits include an Icelandair leaflet, Verso cosmetics (face moisturizer and lip balm), eyeshades, socks, earplugs and three differently colored postcards featuring illustrations of Iceland's vegetation by Sara Riel.

Crafted from high-quality kraft paper made in Germany, the bags embody Skysupply's commitment to creating sustainable, meaningful, and long-lasting products with a second use, providing holistic experiences during and after the journey.

Reflecting Iceland's strong environmental ties, Skysupply used 100% sustainable kraft paper for the bags. The toothbrush is crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, and the packaging of the toothbrush/paste set and earplugs is made of paper. The socks are produced from recycled polyester, and the sleeping mask is crafted from recycled TC. The discreet imprint on the kraft paper bags and banderoles encourages reuse.

This environmentally friendly amenity kit, rooted in local culture, is designed to enhance the guest's onboard and post-journey experience, elevating the travel experience with Icelandair to a new holistic level.

Explore more about the new Flora Amenity Kit on Icelandair's blog.